How to Be Effective in Sales Using a 3 Legged Approach

The sales people who are achieving the highest success have 3 areas in common, based on a recent survey by Achieve Global.

  • Have a high understanding of the customers marketplace
  • Stay alert to buying signals to close at the right time
  • Discover needs which the customer may not be aware of today

How to be effective in sales with a 3 legged approach

With a strong knowledge of the marketplace, sales people are able to converse in the customers language and there is also an understanding of the business needs which exist. A “common language”, the “what” is being used to have business conversations around the customers needs using core messages, the “how”.

Closing at the right time, the “what”, requires the sales person be able to sense where the decision maker is at in their buying process, the “how”. Without first gaining trust, the sales person will not be in a position to stay in alignment with the decision makers during the buying cycle.

To be able to discover needs, the “what”, consultative selling skills allows the sales person to diagnose properly before offering up a partial solution, the “how”.

We refer to these areas as our 3 legged approach to provide the best stability in the current times. More information on these 3 areas can be found on our web site, click on the image above or hit the link below.

How to be Effective in Sales Using a 3 Legged Approach