Step 2 – Gain Agreement on Next Steps – Negotiating to a win/win in B2B Sales

As we discussed in the article in August 2011, “Negotiating to a win/win in B2B”, we will be providing some ‘HOW TO’ thoughts for the nine steps mentioned in that article.

This month’s article is about gaining agreement on what the next steps would be after an initial conversation has occurred. Remember, in all of these steps we’ll be discussing, use the concepts of ‘quid pro quo’ and ABC (Always be closing – for the next step!). Continue reading

An Article from the Economist I thought you might find interesting!

I recently read this article by the Economist “The Art of Selling” (The death of the salesman has been greatly exaggerated), and thought you might find it of interest.

A couple of thoughts! If you sell, manage, or market products and services in a B2B (Business to Business environment) that require the following, I would maintain that “Selling by ‘Human Being’ is alive and well”! Continue reading