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Negotiating to a Win-Win in B2B Sales - Step 1

Sep 2011 News Letter

The ABC's of Negotiating - Step 1 - Initial Contact

This month's article discusses the use of negotiating during the initial contact you have with a suspect or hopefully someone who will become a prospect (someone who has a need that you can help with, and is willing to spend time with you exploring that need!).Win-Win Negotiating

This first negotiating step is designed to gain agreement with the person you initially contact to spend time with you to talk about a subject they will find has value to them. 

We hope you find this first step in working with a prospect company of interest. You may want to review the first article we wrote on this subject to refresh your memory about the subject. (August 2011)

In the article we will be referring to the small box label 1 in the image below.

Negotiating win-win in B2B Sales

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