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May/Jun 2009 Newsletter

New Member to The Vision Group

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Demand Generation with Stronger Messaging - Part I

Demand Generation with Stronger Messaging - Part II

New Member to The Vision Group

We would like to welcome a new Principal to the Vision Group. Please take a moment to check the leadership page on the web site to learn more about Phil Hall.

Phil was an affiliate of CustomerCentric Selling beginning in 2002. Prior to that he was very involved in consulting with clients who were implementing Solution Selling. With over 30 years at IBM Phil has an outstanding reputation as a consultant in helping organization improve their operations in sales, marketing, and training.

You can learn more about him on the Leadership page of the Vision Group web site.

May 2009 Newsletter Survey

We appreciate the time, effort and comments supplied in the survey to assist us in making our newsletter more valuable to you as our readers.

The results from the survey are directionally in our favor. We look forward to incorporating the numerous outstanding suggestions that were made. Some of them we think are brilliant, but, will take a bit of work on our part to implement. But, we will make our best effort to accomplish them over the rest of this year.

Please take a moment at your convenience to review both the 'Brief Highlights of May 2009 Survey Results' and the attached detailed answers to some key questions we asked.

If you have comments in the future, please feel free to email us about them. We look forward to all constructive feedback.

Demand Generation with Stronger Messaging using Customer-Sensing Skills
What/Why - Part I

One of the requested topics identified in the Vision Group May 2009 survey was "Demand Generation". Demand generation programs require good 'market messages' designed to gain interest and curiosity with potential buyers. Let's start with the "what" and "why" of stronger messaging.......





Demand Generation with Stronger Messaging using Customer-Sensing Skills
How/When - Part II


In part II of the article we discuss how market
messages may or should be altered or reviewed
for change and when this may help in demand generation programs' in today's economic climate ...


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