How to Align Sales and Marketing Around a 3 Legged Stool

The best of breed are aligning sales and marketing in 3 main areas.

  • A common language
  • How customers make buying decisions, (the buying process)
  • A common sales method

These 3 areas provide the best stability in the alignment of sales and marketing based on a recent study by Aberdeen and were found to lead to 20% sales increases within the best of breed. Continue reading

Buying Evaluation Plans Help Win More Opportunities

Last month we discussed the usage of a transition plan to gain consensus with the buying committee to move forward with the products and services offered. Let’s circle back to the beginning of the Evaluation Phase and discuss more around how to increase sales with the use of a Buying Evaluation Plan.How to Evaluate

Most buyers are trained how to negotiate, however, many are not trained and educated on how to properly evaluate buying complex or difficult to understand products and services. Continue reading